The log of one man's quest for wind and sunshine

California Gold

Some final preparations over Fourth of July weekend had me ready to hit the road at last.  I set out northbound on PCH, hoping to catch some wind along the way.  I didn’t find too much wind to kite with, but a steady headwind seemed to be there cutting down the gas mileage of my breadbox to below 18 mpg.  I visited friends in the Pismo/SLO area and continued on, taking my time, but trying to reach San Francisco with some expedience.  Four days later I arrived in this marvelous city, and got to enjoy all the bay area has to offer for a wondering, wind-loving hobo.  Lots of time with friends, good coffee, heaps of wind, and a thorough check-up of the local green tech scene.  It was neat living on the Haight (in a bus man!) and cruising around the Castro, Berkeley, Panhandle…So many places to explore! I never thought it before, but this is a place I could end up living!

Here is a drawing one talented fellow made of the scene near my friend Tony’s house at Buena Vista Park: 

I continued on and met my friend Chris at Sherman Island, a kite spot everybody said I should check out on the Sacramento River Delta.  Sherman did not disappoint.  Chris and I ended up spending a week there with the wind building from steady to nuking through the week.  I was also dog sitting Kodai for this week, and it felt like a blessing to get to spend some more precious time with my old friend (14.5 years old).

I continued on, and spent some amazing days among the Redwoods vibing in with these magnificent trees, the tall ones standing near 400 ft tall, and up to 600 years old.  I visited both Humboldt Redwoods State Park along HWy 101 and Redwood NP near the Oregon border.  Both parks are spectacular, with the latter being more humid and oceanic, and therefore having more undergrowth etc.  I enjoyed some great mountain biking in both parks.  In Redwood NP, I nearly ran over a black bear on a downhill run, and stopped to watch him scamper up a large redwood.  Those guys can climb!  In seconds he was 30 feet up.  Do not try to climb a tree to get away from a bear.  Bribe them with Huckleberry pie instead…

Continuing on I visited several spots on the Oregon coast, but for some reason didn’t take much photos (though kited several spots).  One of the spectacular spots where I did not spend enough time was Pistol River — I vow to return.

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