The log of one man's quest for wind and sunshine

Angkor Wat

The main draw for Cambodia tourists is the Angkor Wat temple complex.   The complex is huge and covers more area than the nearby town of Siem Reap.  It’s impossible to do it all in a day, but that didn’t stop Dylan and I from trying.  The more recommended route would be to take a three or four day pass, and take a day off halfway through.  The whole experience can be a little overwhelming, and after touring for a few hours it is easy to become “templed out”.

That said, it is an amazing place and a must-see when touring SE Asia.  Dylan and I did a pretty good job beating the tourist, starting our visit the first day by visiting Ta Prohm at sunset, right before the park closes.  The following day we did a marathon run broken up by a nap in the heat of the day.  The place is photogenic beyond words, and it’s certainly not difficult to take a postcard photograph.

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