The log of one man's quest for wind and sunshine

Arroyo Rats

Well, I didn’t last long at the campground.  The brackish water and questionable hygiene in the bathrooms made the 90 pesos/day fee seem kind of steep ($7) especially when you can buy dinner for half that.  I met some cool people who were living in one of the arroyos (dry river bed) just bordering the camp ground, so I pulled up stakes and joined the gang.

Life in the arroyo is pretty relax with a nice sense of community.  We share a communal kitchen between about seven of us, and also have a crow’s nest palapas hang out to have morning coffee, and see who is getting some sick air on the water in the afternoon.  An additional feature of the swanky arroyo that is now my home is “La Casa de Vapor” — a makeshift steam room, that is a wood-fired contraption of hoses, an old gas tank, some plywood and a tarp.  After a hard day of kiting it feels nice to get nice and steamy with some of your fellow kiters.  Once you let go of your claustrophobic penchant and crawl into the three-foot tall structure you can relax in a beach chair in the blue light of a headlamp and eucalyptus vapors coming from fresh-cut leaves.

The daily rhythm is pretty consistent except for the occasional party or outing.  Get up at sunrise, enjoy coffee and swap “how I cut my foot” stories, make some breakfast, and then just wait for the wind to come up — a good time to do some chores.  Then in the afternoon, we kite until our legs start giving out.  At night we go get some ballenas (one liter bottles of Pacifico) and head on over to Poncho Amigos or Pablo’s for some tasty tacos or papas rellenas.  Pura vida!

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  1. Omo

    This is sick and totally not fair:)

    March 27, 2010 at 2:02 am

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